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Pediatric Surge Discussion-Based Exercise – Tiny Troopers Emergency Drill

Event Type: Zoom & In Person
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March 27, 2024    
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
The Southwest Florida Healthcare Coalition is offering an opportunity to assist your organization in meeting your CMS ‘Exercise of Choice’ requirement and in evaluating current plans, policies, and procedures.
This exercise is federal requirement for the Healthcare Coalition and needs the participation of hospitals, emergency management, public health, and EMS. This exercise will focus on our rural counties and the preparedness to respond to a pediatric event..

We will be looking at school bus accident in a rural community

Following the completion of your registration, you will receive information on accessing your exercise documents through the web portal and your Zoom login link.

Following the exercise, participants will receive an After-Action Report/Improvement Plan and a Certificate of Participation.


  • This is a required exercise that should include hospitals, EMS, public health, and Emergency Management participation.


  • Exercise Objective 1: Discuss and evaluate the Pediatric Surge Annex for the Southwest Florida Healthcare Coalition.
  • Exercise Objective 2: Assess the coordination and communication between regional partners during a healthcare emergency
  • Exercise Objective 3: Evaluate the availability and adequacy of resources dedicated to managing a pediatric surge.
  • Exercise Objective 4: Identify and discuss the procedures related to patient reunification.




For questions or more information:

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