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Beyond Basic Mental Health: Exploring Crisis-Informed Care

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March 12, 2024    
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Beyond Basic Mental Health: Exploring Crisis-Informed Care with Amie Leigh from Capacity Path

This interesting and informative session will provide an introduction to the key tenets of crisis-informed care, distinct from trauma-informed care. Looking at neurobiological markers upstream from a trauma response, crisis-informed care utilizes body-based principles to rebalance, reset, and help support a more robust emergency response effort. Crisis-informed care can be most effective in reducing the fallout of extraneous burdens that impact healthcare providers when patients (or colleagues) are carrying high stress reactions. The facilitated discussion will explore scenarios and situations where this approach is most needed, and will include practical tactical resources to equip, empower and enhance peer support teams.

This webinar will cover:
* Key tenets of Crisis-Informed Care
* How to use Crisis-Informed Care in high-stress scenarios within healthcare
* Practical resources to equip, empower, & enhance peer support teams