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Promising Practices in Coordinating Critical Care Transportation during Disasters

Event Type: Zoom


July 24, 2024    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Past hurricane seasons have shown the need for a continued focus on how to best coordinate the resources needed for optimal critical care transport before or immediately following a storm’s landfall. Access to local, state, and federal resources are helpful when available, but specific requests take time and may not adequately address the needs.

Join us as we dig into the issue with representatives from the Florida Association of Critical Care Transport Specialists, Florida Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council, and the Florida Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee to discuss the primary challenges and the promising practices taken to help provide the right level of patient support during this tense time.

Together, we will discuss and provide promising practices around the following issues:

  • The daily challenges of managing and coordinating critical care transport and how those challenges are magnified in a larger, patient movement scenario.
  • The support services and resources needed to coordinate and manage a large-scale patient movement mission.
  • Dispatch and patient transfer center coordination with the provider community and private/public stakeholders.
  • Patient tracking throughout the event.
  • Family notification and information support services.


This virtual learning session is designed for CEOs; COOs; CMOs; CNOs; ICU, NICU, and PICU Managers/Directors and staff, Case Managers, Risk Managers, Emergency Management Coordinators, Patient Transfer Center Coordinators and staff, Security and Public Safety team members, and Patient Safety Officers and team members




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