COOP(Continuity of Operations Plan) and CEMP (Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning) by BOLDplanning

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The Southwest Florida Healthcare Coalition is happy to be able to sponsor these tools, so they can be offered to you at no cost as a value-added Coalition member benefit.

5 Ways These Tools Can Help You:

  1. Quickly create a COOP and CEMP that meet state and federal requirements
  2. Invite team members to work together in real-time
  3. Mobile-friendly, with a companion app that allows you to access your emergency plans on the go
  4. Planning tutorials and best practices embedded in the software
  5. Make data-driven decisions with the reporting features


COOP planning is a preparedness effort to ensure an organization’s Essential Functions (ESFs) continue to be performed during a critical situation. Any event that makes it impossible for employees to work in their regular facility could result in the activation of a COOP plan.

A COOP answers the following basic questions for an organization facing a disruption:

  • Where could/would we go?
  • How would we communicate and what would we say?
  • What do we do and what functions are most important?
  • What equipment is needed to continue our job?

Through insightful analysis, skillful facilitation, and expert guidance, BOLDplanning’s CEMP process helps you develop a big-picture Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).

Your CEMP will follow guidance from FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guidance (CPG 101 & 201), the National Response Framework (NRF), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


The Florida Healthcare Coalitions website to access these tools is loacted at


  • You will need to contact [email protected] to set up a plan and provide you access to the application. 


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