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Pulsara is a HIPAA-compliant app that unites the entire care team — including EMS, hospital staff, and emergency responders — on a single communication platform. Pulsara gives teams a fast way to create a dedicated channel for each patient, allowing them to enter critical patient information and share it with the right team members at the right time.

With Pulsara, teams can be built on the fly according to each patient’s needs. Pulsara alerts the appropriate team members and adds them to the patient’s channel, giving ALL team members one way to communicate about their patients. Pulsara can replace pagers, radio reports, faxes, and the many phone calls it takes to coordinate care.

Pulsara’s network connects any and all members of the care team, regardless of location or organization. Anyone can use Pulsara to communicate and coordinate logistics around all patients, every day, for every method of arrival. From routine transports to time-sensitive emergencies to major incidents, Pulsara works for every patient you encounter.


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