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REACH is an acronym both the first responder and care partner can use to maximize safety and promote a peaceful interaction for the person living with dementia. 

REACH is an easy self-paced training module with practical situations that may arise. We use videos that demonstrate helpful approaches using the REACH acronym to de-escalate a situation involving persons living with dementia and their family. We include a wandering scenario and an in-home medical incident that involves an emergency response team. The videos focus on both the care partner and the first responder and detail how to work together to improve the emergency response for the individual with dementia.  Our goal is to be proactive rather than reactive and guide a person living with dementia to the best outcomes. 

First Responder Dementia Guide

Know How to Respond to Persons Living with Dementia in Emergency Situations

REACH 1st Responders Care Partners 2024 Training FDOH

These videos were created through a partnership with Aging Advocate and the FSU College of Medicine REACH Program. Take a look at the hyperlinks for more information about our program.  First Responders and Care Partner training videos landing page, they are also directly posted on a YouTube Channel playlist. The landing page has key takeaways, handouts, and other content that can be used in training.